VoK 11: FeastDance (Part 2) – Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things

Arya Sansa Bran

Beware of Spoilers, The following podcast discusses A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons in detail.

Dagos_Rivers is joined by forlorn APOIAF forum addicts Bina007, Alias and fortytwo to continue the discussion of A Feast for Crows and A Dance With Dragons aka FeastDance, that began in VOK episode 4. The discussion delves into the short yet sweet journey and training of Sansa, Bran and Arya Stark. At the end of the show, we discuss plans for Part 3 of the discussion which will be titled ‘All Roads Lead to Essos’.

Observations made during the discussion:

-George R.R. Martin’s hate for musicians (Due to unrequited love of a musician)
-Alias’s Alternative theory to ‘Promise me, Ned’
-Faceless men are like the A-Team
-Bran chilling in a tree is akin to Rod Taylor in The Time Machine

Editing Credits: Dagos_Rivers

Episode 11:
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Martin Breaks a Guitar at ComicCon 2013
The Grand Faceless Men Conspiracy Theory


16 responses to “VoK 11: FeastDance (Part 2) – Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things

  1. GRRM about Feast for Crows character building style, it’s very funny:
    It’s not an easy thing to write about. In the movies, they always handle it with a montage. Rocky can’t run very fast. He can’t catch the chicken. But then you do a montage, and you cut a lot of images together, and now only a minute later in the film, Rocky is really strong and he is catching the chicken.

  2. Here is the short but sweet discussion for the title of the podcast:

    [21/07/2013 23:31:09] Dagosrivers: Anyone think of a good name for this episode? I’ve been trying to think of one all day, The Stark Kids sounds lame. A few others I had were clan Stark, Runaway Starks, Presumed Dead kids….*gasp* cripples (Arya), bastards (Sansa) and broken things (Bran)
    [21/07/2013 23:31:43]

    Bina007: I like the latter 🙂

  3. Good episode, but some shocking lack of knowledge at times. Some of you need to do a reread. You should spend significant time editing out the mistakes before releasing the episode. But you should also release the episodes as quickly as possible, completely unedited 😉

    Tanselle was a puppeteer, she has a reason to travel and to avoid areas with Targaryens. But there evidence is quite low except for the splender as a spear line. It is possible that Old Nan is a separate person and Dunk was merely “the Brandon Stark of his times”

    • Yeah, I think I got BloodRaven’s mother’s house wrong. Its not Bracken, its Blackwood of Raven Tree, which has a giant/ancient weirwood tree.
      – Vikram

  4. Also the forums are potentially more addictive than any drug. We might have designed them that way. Expect a round of seizures and blackouts around 30 days with no forums, if we make it that far.

  5. The Sword of Winter

    Just finished listening to this episode. I enjoyed the Varys crack theory about him being a faceless man. I’d be more open to a deadly faternity of eunuchs who are somewhat related to the Targaryens. Think Velaryon and other bastard houses. Regardless, had fun with this one. I’d be up for any future ASoIaF podcasts so if you guys want an extra guest, Vikram has my contact info.

  6. Great episode guys! Loved the discussion on Sansa. Can’t wait to join in on one of these.

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