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VoK 518 – The Great Linear ASOIAF Reread Part 82 – The Whisper Campaign


It’s time to once again put your headphones on an join your hosts Abby (Daceymormont), Hannah (shadow_ baby), Jock (Munrojock2), Kevin (Gaiden), Michael (Khal Wadege), Sarah (Lady Weaver), with a brief cameo from the lurker of the episode Zander (The Lord Baron) as they try to avoid talking about Jon while they cover The Wayward Bride, Jon 7 ADWD and The Reaver.


The Wayward Bride (Asha 1) ADWD @ 0:02:10 – Stannis takes Deepwood Motte
Jon 7 ADWD @ 0:43:32 – Jon brings Wun Wun back to the Night’s Watch
The Reaver (Victarion 2) AFFC @ 1:18:21 – Ironborn’s attack on the Shield Islands Aftershow @ 1:57:06

Trigger warnings for Sexual Violence, and warnings for strong language

Image Credit: mattolsonart on Deviantart

Song Credit: Jed O’White Hart

Edited by Sarah – Lady Weaver

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