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VoK 639: Creature Chat – Dragons

The Vassals convene to chat about magical reptiles of various shapes and sizes. So grab your ceiling wax and look out for sharkdoors.

Zander/The Lord Baron
Ben/King Jucio

Edited by Peter

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VoK 632: 2020 Video Game Roundtable

The Vassals of Kingsgrave return to the video game world to discuss some of their favorites of 2020. Join Zach (Alias), Bing (Shoeshiner), Matt (blu3arm0r), Katie (Lady Griffin), Patrick (Ser Patrick the Tall), and newcomer, Ben (King Jucio), as they rep their best games then take a look ahead at what 2021 may have to offer.

7:30 — FF7 Remake
24:00 — Ghost of Tsushima
35:30 — Crusader Kings 3
48:50 — Persona 5 Royal & Persona 4 Golden
1:02:25 — The Walking Dead: The Final Season
1:11:00 — The Last of Us Part II
1:22:10 — Command & Conquer Remake
1:26:10 — Hades
1:40:45 — Cyberpunk 2077
2:02:50 — Honorable Mentions
2:08:00 — Most Anticipated Games of 2021

Edited by Zach

Colors Flying High – Persona 5 Royal OST 
In the Blood (ft. Ashley Barrett) – Hades OST 

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