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VoK 316: Battlestar Galactica ReWatch (Part 5)


Join Wargasm (Drew), DrownedSnow (Adam), Alias (Zach), Jeff14 (Jeff), and Joie-Olivier (Jackie) as they continue our epic rewatch of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica. This podcast covers episodes 10 & 11 of season 1. (Hand of God & Colonial Day).

Warning: Contains spoilers for the 2003 Battlestar Galactica miniseries and up to season 1, episode 11.

43:35 Aftershow
47:45 #MootCrash

Edited by Wargasm
“Kara Remembers” by Bear McCreary, available on iTunes.
“Kellan the Undying” by Drumur Boy, available on SoundCloud

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VoK 112: Vassals Night Out – “My Lady, It’s Too Hot!” Edition


In our first ever Vassals Night Out, the Ladies of VOK don their PJs, open a bottle of Dornish red, and talk shit about hot guys, cute girls, podcast crushes and whether not liking ASOIAF would be a dealbreaker.

The all star cast features: Tanja (Scilens), Jesicka (Jesicka309), Nadia, Alix (Aiwendil), Bina007,  Nadine (Erinyes), Michal (Inkasrain),  Katie (Lady Griffin), and Amber (Amberrocks).

3m Intros and Earnest discussion of all things geek & feminism, HBO’s boobage count, the depiction of sexual violence in the show, and whether George writes women well, with a side discussion on Westerosi female grooming.

63m The ladies discuss which Westerosi characters they  most resemble, would like to hang out with, as well as the Hottest Manly Men in Westeros- show and book edition; KILFs and relationships we love to ship.

124m The ladies move on to their fellow podcast hosts to discuss their Podcast crushes, and which Vassal would be most useful in the event of a Zombie apocalypse.

165m Aftershow discussion with Jesicka309 and Scilens.

WARNING – This podcast contains spoilers for Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire and Hunger Games as well as many references to boobs.

Edited by Bina007 using lovely audio clips from The New Statesman and with music from Cyndi Lauper.

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[My Lady!] Brienne-Margaery Fanfic
[Stansa!] Who knew?! Sansa-Stannis Fanfic

And finally, here’s that wince-inducing pic of pasty Jon Snow:


VoK 66: Sherlock (BBC series)


Julia (No True Lady), Nadine (Erinyes), Nadia, Bina, and special guest Kyle (from APOIAF) ruminate on the triumphs, missteps and the future of BBC’s smash hit Sherlock. Guest starring Kyle’s little birds and Julia’s surprise dinner guests.

Edited by Julia aka No True Lady

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VoK 38: Thor – The Dark World [2013] (Review)


It’s a super-sized Thor The Dark World review with easttexasdirewolf, Erinyes, fortytwo, inkasrain( Michal), No True Lady, Shellfish, Teddard and Tori. Prepare to hear about a movie that all the hosts claim they enjoyed…yet have massive issues with. Also, there will be fangirling.

Editing Credits: No True lady

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Skype Chatlog during the recording

VoK 25: Star Wars


Join our ramshackle crew of rebels as they go up against the evil galactic empire and discuss all things Star Wars, rage against special edition edits and the prequels, and show some love for Chewie and Bobba Fett.  Naturally, there are spoilers for all Star Wars movies, as well as the expanded universe, and some tangential spoilers for George R R Martin’s A Song Of Ice and Fire.

Running order:

00:00  Introduction

21m:  A New Hope

49m: Empire Strikes Back

1hr 10: Return of the Jedi

1hr 30: The Prequels; the new movies; the extended universe

2hrs: Aftershow – One Night, Marry, Frozen In Carbonite; Who’s the biggest badass?; who’s the biggest dumbass?; who do characters resemble in ASOIAF?

Credits: Edited by Bina007 with music taken from the official soundtrack albums of the movies, which are also available on iTunes.

Episode 25:

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VoK 22: Best of A Podcast of Ice and Fire


Dagos_Rivers, Nadia, Vaarsuvius and Erinyes discuss A Podcast of Ice and Fire, their origins with the podcast, favourite moments and take a trip down memory lane to discuss the following theories, some more outlandish than others, devised by the podcast:

-Pink Walder Theory
-Feathered Hat Theory
-Crooked Wang Theory
-Blood Oranges Theory
-Creaking Door Theory
-Booby-trapped Saddle
-Ygritte is Tormund’s daughter
-Heir to the Iron Islands
-Say My Name (Hodor)
-Red Walder Theory
-Sam got sent to the wall for taking Margaery Tyrell’s maidenhead
-Bronn is Yoren’s brother
-Hot Pie is the most devious man in Westeros
-Melisandre is the class dunce, marwyn is the valedictorian

Included is a compilation of clips chosen by APOIAF listeners, of their favourite podcast moments from all 118 episodes of APOIAF.

Edited by Dagos_Rivers

Episode 22:
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The Worst Witch vs. Harry Potter

VoK 19: Hannibal (NBC series) – Season 1

Just a bunch of girls talking about murder. This episode’s topic is NBC’s cult hit “Hannibal.” Erinyes and Nadia are joined by Julia (No True Lady on the forums) and Tori (lastratstanding on Tumblr), the hosts of the Hannibal podcast Suits and Madness.

Check out Suits and Madness on iTunes and on Tumblr

Edited by No True Lady

Episode 19:
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Julia and Tori’s Podcast Suits and Madness
Suits and Madness on iTunes
Tori’s Tumblr