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VOK 93: Dragon Age series (BioWare)

The Champions of Kingsgrave band together in a podcast of Archdemon proportions to discuss Bioware’s ‘Dragon Age’ videogame franchise. Join Warden-Commanders Katie (Lady Griffin), Peter (Shellfish), Zach (Alias), Surya (MadScientist22), and Vaarsuvius as they master their taint and debate the finer points of Mages vs Templars, magical bosoms, and why Duncan really is The Worst Ever. In war, victory. In peace, vigilance. In death, Manwoody.

WARNING: THIS PODCAST CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE UPCOMING ‘DRAGON AGE: INQUISITION.’ Spoilers include confirmed companions, plots, and game mechanics. Note: spoilers are relevant to March 2014 and may no longer be accurate.

(minor spoilers for Bioware’s ‘Mass Effect’ series.)

2:00 – Introductions and Icebreakers
15:00 – Story Discussion Part I: The Grey Wardens, Mages vs. Templars, Approval/Disapproval vs Friendship/Rivalry, ‘All That Remains.’
– Intermission –
45:00 – Story Discussion Part 2: Favorite Characters and Quests, the impact of ‘Assassin’s Creed’ and ‘Skyrim’ on ‘Inquisition,’ Flemeth, the Tevinter Imperium, the Qunari, and the Great Bioware Romance Debate of 2014.
– Intermission –
1:26:00 – Combat and Mechanics
1:37:00 – ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ and ‘Dragon Age Keep’
1:44:00 – Novelizations and Comics
1:47:00 – Aftershow – Snakes and Scorpions

Edited by Katie
Intro – ‘Faith Lies In Ashes’ – ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Trailer Music by Jay Vincent
43:00 –  ‘Tavern Music’ by Inon Zur
1: 25:00 –  ‘Challenge An Archdemon’ by Inon Zur Outro:
1:46:46 – ‘Age of the Dragon’ by Miracle Of Sound
Outro – ‘I Am The One’ (Dj Killa-Jewel Remix) by Inon Zur
All ‘Dragon Age’ clips belong to Bioware and Electronic Arts, Inc. All fanworks belong to their respective owners.

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VoK 22: Best of A Podcast of Ice and Fire


Dagos_Rivers, Nadia, Vaarsuvius and Erinyes discuss A Podcast of Ice and Fire, their origins with the podcast, favourite moments and take a trip down memory lane to discuss the following theories, some more outlandish than others, devised by the podcast:

-Pink Walder Theory
-Feathered Hat Theory
-Crooked Wang Theory
-Blood Oranges Theory
-Creaking Door Theory
-Booby-trapped Saddle
-Ygritte is Tormund’s daughter
-Heir to the Iron Islands
-Say My Name (Hodor)
-Red Walder Theory
-Sam got sent to the wall for taking Margaery Tyrell’s maidenhead
-Bronn is Yoren’s brother
-Hot Pie is the most devious man in Westeros
-Melisandre is the class dunce, marwyn is the valedictorian

Included is a compilation of clips chosen by APOIAF listeners, of their favourite podcast moments from all 118 episodes of APOIAF.

Edited by Dagos_Rivers

Episode 22:
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The Worst Witch vs. Harry Potter

VoK 1: Tuf Voyaging (by George R. R. Martin)


FortyTwo joined by Vaarsuvius and LordManderBlee discuss “Beast for Norn”, a short story from George R R Martins Tuf Voyaging stories.

Beware of Spoiler, Only the story Beast for Norn is discussed, all other Tuf stories were kept spoiler free. So be a sport and have a listen, see if you like the Tuf series.

Episode 1:
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