VoK 22: Best of A Podcast of Ice and Fire


Dagos_Rivers, Nadia, Vaarsuvius and Erinyes discuss A Podcast of Ice and Fire, their origins with the podcast, favourite moments and take a trip down memory lane to discuss the following theories, some more outlandish than others, devised by the podcast:

-Pink Walder Theory
-Feathered Hat Theory
-Crooked Wang Theory
-Blood Oranges Theory
-Creaking Door Theory
-Booby-trapped Saddle
-Ygritte is Tormund’s daughter
-Heir to the Iron Islands
-Say My Name (Hodor)
-Red Walder Theory
-Sam got sent to the wall for taking Margaery Tyrell’s maidenhead
-Bronn is Yoren’s brother
-Hot Pie is the most devious man in Westeros
-Melisandre is the class dunce, marwyn is the valedictorian

Included is a compilation of clips chosen by APOIAF listeners, of their favourite podcast moments from all 118 episodes of APOIAF.

Edited by Dagos_Rivers

Episode 22:
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