VoK 66: Sherlock (BBC series)


Julia (No True Lady), Nadine (Erinyes), Nadia, Bina, and special guest Kyle (from APOIAF) ruminate on the triumphs, missteps and the future of BBC’s smash hit Sherlock. Guest starring Kyle’s little birds and Julia’s surprise dinner guests.

Edited by Julia aka No True Lady

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3 responses to “VoK 66: Sherlock (BBC series)

  1. With regards to Sherlock not having sex with Janine, honestly I think that in today’s world a woman staying overnight at her boyfriend’s so strongly implies sex that the scene suggests that Moffat added Sherlock saying he did not in fact have sex with her later, and did not bother to actually change the rest of the script to reflect that.

    • That’s exactly what bothered me about the whole situation. Seriously, they were in the shower together and nothing happened? It just seems like really clumsy writing.
      Thank you for listening Taylor.

  2. Sherlock drives me a little crazy. I critique it in my head and S3 was really not my cup of tea; and like Julia I thought the S2 episode in Chinatown was quite a worry for its stereotyped characterizations.

    Thanks for mentioning the Jeremy Brett episodes. I would recommend these to anyone. They won’t drive you crazy.

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