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VoK 642: A GameShow of Thrones #3 (VOKathon Edition)

During their 24-hour VOKathon, the Vassals face off in another thrilling round of A Song of Ice and Fire trivia. Join quizmaster Duncan (Valkyrist), scorekeeper Matt (Varley), reigning champion Michal (inkasrain), and challengers Abdullah (Quaith from Asshai), Peter (Shellfish), Abby (DaceyMormont), Sara (DrBlood), Zach (Alias), Ben (King Jucio), Matt (mattdaze13), Michael (Khal Wadege) David (davidhhh), Hannah (thewingedshadow), Patrick (TheTall), and Kevin (nuncle kevin).

Who will claim the crown? Who will spit the dummy? There’s only one way to find out!

Edited by Valkyrist

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