VoK 10: World War Z (by Max Brooks)

Beware of spoilers: the following podcast discusses Max Brooks’ novels World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide as well as Marc Forster’s film, World War Z.

Bina007 is joined by recovering APOIAF forum addicts LordManderBlee and Dagos_Rivers to discuss Max Brooks’ World War Z. The first part of the podcast critically discusses each chapter of the novel and the second part looks at the challenges of adapting it. We also discover LordManderBlee and Bina007’s shocking lack of knowledge regarding basic world geography.

Editing Credits Bina007

Episode 10:
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4 responses to “VoK 10: World War Z (by Max Brooks)

  1. Hey Guys!

    Really enjoyed the podcast. Sorry I couldn’t make it but Sunday is the only day the Mrs and I can make it out to see movies together.

    Been a long time since I read the book. The ‘cast made me remember how eye rolling and groan worthy I found much of it. But then I am much more conservative politically (shocking from a Stannis fan) than the intended demo I guess,

    Segen from the movie is a 100% Marry and Mirelle Enos is borderline Scorpions/One Night but only if One Night = 15 minutes.

  2. easttexasdirewolf

    Good discussion guys! I’ve read the book twice and yall brought up things that I never noticed. Just like in ASOIAF there is a lot “between the lines” of this book. I picked up on Colin Powell and Nelson Mandela making cameos but didn’t make the connection to Howard Dean. Did anyone pick up on any other real people being referenced? Wish I could have made it for the discussion but kay sue-rah, sue-rah. 🙂

    • Me too, i found the podcast insightful. I only listened to the abridged audiobook. So the origins of the zombie virus were not known to me. I did pick on the Nelson Mandela thing, however i was clueless about Colin Powell and Howard Dean. Plus i didn’t know what was happening with Redeker 🙂 – Vikram

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