VoK 12: Pacific Rim [2013] (Review)

Fortytwo is joined by LordManderblee and Bina007 to jibber jabber about Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim. Discussion is mostly spoiler free. Beware, somehow they still end up talking about Songs of Ice and Fire.

Edited by Fortytwo
Music from Pacific Rim soundtrack by Ramin Djawadi

Episode 12:
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Opening Clip : Kaiju Remedies
Tumblr on Pacific Rim


6 responses to “VoK 12: Pacific Rim [2013] (Review)

  1. I had a good laugh when you compared Leigh to legends or ‘songs’ within A Song of Ice and Fire. – Dagos_Rivers

    • It’s interesting because I see the current crop of folks as sort of the “second generation” of forum people/dedicated listeners when I think back to the old Podcast of Ice and Fire episodes. So with that in mind, I suppose there is some plausibility to the theory that we’ll all be usurped and disappear into legend. Haha

  2. This was a really fun listen as someone who hasn’t seen the movie yet and I’m more inspired than ever before to get out and watch it as soon as I can after hearing about the awesome scenery you described in particular.

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  4. It’s a shame, by the way, that Jalabhar Xho was cut from the show continuity because I could easily see Idris Elba playing an exiled prince, though he is definitely worthy of a more prominent role.

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