VoK 605: The Witcher Saga – The Last Wish (by Andrzej Sapkowski)


The Vassals discuss the first book of The Witcher series – The Last Wish – in an episode that spoils the book but not the Netflix show.

– How people got into the show and favourite short story
– 15 mins in – Intro to the world
– 18 mins in – The Witcher
– 33 mins in – A Grain Of Truth
– 42 mins in – A Lesser Evil
– 51 mins in – Question of Price
– 1 hr 4 mins in – The Edge of the world
– 1 hr 17 mins in – The Last Wish
– 1 hr 32 mins in – The Voice of Reason
– 1 hr 40 mins in – TV show and video game stuff

Your hosts are: Michal/Inkasrain; Abby/DaceyMormont; CreepyNuncleKevin; Paul/SerDinnerRoll; Bing/Shoeshiner; DavidHHH; Marie/Nymeria.

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