VoK 604: Will Winter Ever Come? aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead FINALE (Part 107)


Join the Vassals for the final episode of the reread! We begin with Bina007 delivering some nerd stats about who has hosted which episode. At 16 minutes in we move to a Dance With Dragons trivia quiz hosted by Pops88/Noah. And finally 24 minutes in we delve into a thematic discussion of Dance hosted by Khal Wadege/Michael.

The themes are:
– failing to rule the peace (24 minutes in)
– the journey to yourself (40 minutes in)
– what isn’t there – the others and the dragons (52 minutes in)
– all things prophesy (1hr 3mins in)
– Southern ambitions (1hr 10 mins in)
– Greyscale and Marwyn (1hr 19 mins in)
– The Grand Northern Conspiracy (1hr 29 mins in)
– The rising power of religion (1hr 46 mins in)
– The children of the forest (1hr 55 mins in)
– Thoros of Myr (2hrs 5 mins in)
The hosts are rounded out by Marie/Nymeria – Michael/Khal Wadege – Varley/Matt – Matt/Blu3arm0r and Jock/MunroJock2.

The podcast is dark and full of spoilers for all works in George R R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series but for Game of Thrones, the TV show.

Music credit – Alpine Universe.
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