VoK 606: The Plot Against America (HBO miniseries)


The Nerdywells discuss Philip Roth’s 2004 alt-history novel and the recent HBO series based on it. Spoilers for both within.

Lindbergh baby ratings
10 mins in – the romantic idealism of Herman Levin and the tragic cynicism of Alvin Levin
27 mins in – the strength of Bess Levin and vacuity of Evelyn Finkel
36 mins in – Interlude: what really happened at the end?
46 mins in – the assimilationist politics of Rabbi Bengelsdorf
58 mins in – Sandy, Philip, Seldon and Alt history as a genre
1 hr 11 mins in – the ending again! Seriously if any of you can explain this to us please write in.

Hosts: Bina007, Matt/Varley, Greg/ClaudiusTheFool, Adam/DrownedSnow, Abby/DarceyMormont and Jock/MunroJock2.

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