VoK 213: WolfCast – “The Gift” (S05E07 Review)


What it lacks in timeliness, Wolfcast makes up for in thoroughness (and length). Nitpicking and speculating about everything from Dorne to the Wall are Sander (SwordoftheAfternoon), Matthieu (Beric175), Alix (Aiwendil) and Patrick the Tall as our lead host, desperately trying to keep this whole affair under control. In the aftershow, Beric unleashes his many thoughts on the previous episode and Cersei takes a trip to Ikea.

00:00 Introduction and Lemoncake ratings
05:30 Castle Black
42:00 Slaver’s Bay
57:45 King’s Landing
1:30:00 Winterfell/Winterhell
1:57:40 Dorne
2:17:00 Aftershow

Edited by Aiwendil

Warning: Contains spoilers for all aired episodes of HBO’s Game of Thrones (including Season 5 promotional material), as well as all published books in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series.

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4 responses to “VoK 213: WolfCast – “The Gift” (S05E07 Review)

  1. beata@as-if.com

    Beric175 talks a bit to much. He should allow his co-housts to say what they like to say or start a podcast of his own. Otherwise I really enjoy the show!

  2. A bit much? seriously that monologue was the single worst thing I’ve ever heard on a VoK episode. Not only did he repeat himself about seven times over he also managed to take every single position possible in the debate and then apologise for taking them. How about actually having an opinion and having the balls to stand for it without spending 30minutes worrying about how others will percieve what you say? I haven’t heard so much ambigous hemming and hawing in years.

  3. The GIfthorse

    I agree. Patrick the tall should be better at cutting him off. It’s not good podcasting when one person speeks twice as much as the rest.

  4. A silent sister

    Never commented before but I listen to almost every episode and personally enjoyed the long winded and thorough discourse. Matthieu hit many points missed by so many discussions, I appreciate it and not everyone listening is a hater! Yes it could be edited for length or repetitive comments but I understand this is a volunteer project and as part of the “after show” it was still a pleasure

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