VoK 212: Comic Book Club (Vol.4): Fables (by Bill Willingham)


The fourth meeting of The Secret Book Club discusses the comic Fables, written by Bill Willingham published by Vertigo Comics.
Please join the Hosts (Scott, Thomas, Greg, Shane, and Jo) as we discuss the wonderful world of Fables which includes explaining why the world works (Hint its magic), why Snow White is so dumb, and the merits of interspecies sex.

Edited by: Skywaltzer
Image: Snow White and Bibgy by Mark Buckingham
Aftershow: “Magic” written by William Lyall and David Paton. Performed by Pilot.
After After Show: “Magic” written by B.o.B, Rivers Cuomo, and Dr. Luke. Performed by B.o.B. Ft Rivers Cuomo

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