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VoK 422: Peep Show (Channel 4 series) – Seasons 1-4


Discussion of the Cherished Channel 4 Hit ‘Britcom’ Peep Show. The Crew discuss series 1 – 4 of the comedy, starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb.

The Crew:

Hannah (shadow_baby)
Bina (bina007)
Noah (pops88)
Drew (wargasm)
Adam (DrownedSnow)
Stuart (Firenzed)
Amber (Amberrocks)

Guests: Little lordlings Lincoln (Adam’s son) & Layton  (Hannah’s son).

Edited by Shadow_ baby

Music credits: “Pip Pop Plop” by Daniel Pemberton & ” Flagpole Sitta” by Harvey Danger

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VoK 282: War & Peace (BBC One miniseries)


Bina007, Stuart (Firenzed) and Imogen.OB discuss, in various permutations, Tolstoy’s epic tale of love amidst the Russian aristocracy during the Napoleonic wars.

To start, Bina007 & Firenzed cover the major story arcs of the mini-series, the depiction of war and other adaptations of the novel. Then at 1hr 7mins, Bina007 & Imogen.OB get into an in-depth discussion of the novel and the mini-series. Finally, the aftershow begins at 1hr 58mins and includes:  Intro to Firenzed, ASOIAF and Chekhov Wildfire; plug for Cockneymoot on May 1st at Blenheim Palace; a lot of Sega/Creative Assembly Empire and Napoleonic Total War chat; our thoughts on Napoleon more generally.

Contains spoilers for the the novel, its adaptations, and Napoleonic history, if such a thing is possible, as well as occasional references to A Song of Ice and Fire.

Music: Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture. This was also composed, like War and Peace, many decades after the battle of Borodino to commemorate Russia seeing of the perfidious French invasion.

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Sources mentioned in the podcast:
[BBC TV] The 2016 miniseries
[BBC Radio] The 2015 radio play/podcast
[Bondarchuk!] A clip from the 1967 4 hour Soviet film
[Audrey!] A clip from the 1956 Hollywood epic
[ReliveWaterloo] Real-time Waterloo timeline
[Napoleon The Great?] Debate on Napoleon’s legacy
[Napoleon’s Crimes?] Controversial French book