VoK 564: Feast Retrospective #1 aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 90)


In the first of an epic three part wrap up discussion A Feast For Crows, our hosts discuss what motivates Cersei Lannister and how her character could be affected by The Walk Of Shame. We also discuss minor characters in her government as well as the rise of the Faith in AFFC. (As well as a random tangent to Arianne!)

The next episode of this recap will cover Sansa and Arya Stark and the final episode will cover Brienne and the Greyjoys. The chapter rereads of A Dance With Dragons will re-commence after that.

No spoilers for the TV show or TWOW in this episode.

Music credit – Alpine Universe. Picture credit – HBO.

Your hosts are: Matt/Blu3arm0r, Noah/Pops88, Michael/Khal Wadege, Wilson/Wandering Prophet, Bina007 and MunroJock2.

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