VoK 563: A Star-Studded Cast aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 89)

dany-and-hizdahr-daenerys-targaryen-38580211-4928-3280It’s all Dance all the time as we enter the final furlong of this reread. Join us as we read Dany 6, Jaime 1 and Areo 1/The Watcher, covering May 22nd to May 28th 300 AL.

Your hosts are Michael/Khal Wadege, QueenJames, Bina007, Matt/blu3arm0r, Noah/Pops88, Brett/Whiteraven, Marie/Nymeria and Jock/MunroJock2 with special guest appearances from Zander/The Lord Baron, Sarah/Lady Weaver, Adam/DrownedSnow and Ser Patrick The Tall!

Random chit-chat from the start. Dany 6 begins at 7m; Jaime 1 at 39m; Areo 1 at 1hr8m.  The after show begins at 1hr38m.

The next episode will be a Feast recap episode hosted by Matt/Blu3arm0r.

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