VoK 553: Chernobyl (HBO miniseries)


The vassals discuss the critically acclaimed HBO miniseries Chernobyl, depicting the 1986 nuclear reactor disaster.

Hosts – Bina007, Adam/Drownedsnow, Jock/MunroJock2, Thomas/FTWard, Steven/SJLee, and Matt/Varley.

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2 responses to “VoK 553: Chernobyl (HBO miniseries)

  1. Great Decomposition

    I always enjoy your podcasts and I wanted to say that both the series and the review were great. However, as a Eastern European I found interesting that you discussed usage of English accents instead of Eastern European accents, yet none pointed out that the cast was not Eastern European. We live in times when diversity is very important yet this part of the world is constantly overlooked and I find mind-boggling. Overall this is not that important but I thought that I point it out.

  2. I thought we mentioned that the show creator made the deliberate choice to cast primarily British actors. I think his rationale was to avoid extreme accents distracting the English-speaking audience.

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