VoK 522: Game of Thrones – Pre-Season 8 Speculation

The Dragoncast Vassals come together to chat about the upcoming final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. What the show has meant to us and the fandom. Who do we think will survive? Will anyone win? Witness the insanity of mobile podcast tents, onion babies, CGI buttocks, and more! Also, #whereisGhost?

Hosts: Adam (drownedsnow), Casey (blue-eyed-queen), Matt (Varley), Michal (Inkasrain), and Matt (Blu3arm0r).

Let us know who you think will survive the series and who you think is destined to die.

Spoilers: This episode covers all published works in George R R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire and all aired episodes of Game of Thrones

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One response to “VoK 522: Game of Thrones – Pre-Season 8 Speculation

  1. Hi there,
    just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your podcast very much. I am a 55 yrs old german GRRM-Fan, read his stuff since the 70s, discovered APOIAF pretty early, around EP 20 or so, and listened to yours since the beginning. I don`t do twitter or FB so I took this way to tell you I apreciate your stuff. (Maybe after the hype is over I’ll finally register to the forums,)
    But what is this youtube you were talking about? 🙂
    luv, stolllllllllllle

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