VoK 521: Harry’s Floating Head aka The Great Harry Potter Reread (Part 6)

The Vassals of Kingsgrave return to Hogwarts to continue their never-ending read through of Prisoner of Azkaban. Join Casey (blue-eyed-queen), Marie (Nymeria), Matt (Varley), Michal (inkasrain), Big Paul (Pod’s Plight), Small Paul (SerDinnerRoll), Zander (The Lord Baron), and Zach (Alias) as they talk about magic cats, patronuses, and lots and lots of Quidditch. Stick around for the aftershow at 1 hour and 53 minutes for some Christopher Columbus bashing and Chicago vs. New York.

This podcast contains spoilers for the entire Harry Potter series including the Fantastic Beasts films.

Edited by Zach (Alias)

Harry Potter Theme (Metal)
Azkaban Soundtrack – 07 A Window to the Past

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