VoK 485: Pickle Rickard aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 74)


Hey there, join us for episode 74 of our Great Linear Re-Read of A Song of Ice and Fire by G.R.R. Martin ! Today your hosts are Michael (Khal Wadege), Leigh (ChaoticNeutral1882), Matt (blu3arm0r), Varley, Jock (munrojock2) and Marie (Nymeria) and we cover the events of Cersei 4 from Feast, and Tyrion 4 and Bran 2 from Dance. We get to see an epic Small Council meeting, travel aboard the Shy Maid, and finally meet Bloodraven.  These chapters take place from March 16th to 20th of 300 AL.

As usual, spoilers for the entire published series but not for the show, nor for TWOW preview chapters. Come and listen to the guffawing of Pycelle by Varley, our troubles with Australian internet, and a great parody of Rick and Morty!

For those following along at home the next episode of the re-read will cover Dany 4 from Dance, Cersei 5 from Feast, and Jaime 3 from Feast.

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