VoK 467: ChicagoCast aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 69)


Join Bina007, Noah/Pops88, Paul/SerDinnerRoll, Zander/TheLordBaron, and Steven/SJLee as they cover Bran 1 from ADWD, Sam 1 from AFFC and Jon 2 from ADWD. These events take place on the 18th and then the 20th of February 300 AL. It’s also the first time we get what will often be the same events from two angles in the Jon and Sam chapters.

The podcast contains spoilers for all published works in ASOIAF but not for Game of Thrones.

For those following along at home the next episode of the re-read is will be hosted by Adam/DrownedSnow and will cover Reek 1 and Jon 3 from A Dance With Dragons and Davos 1 from A Feast For Crows.

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