VoK 466: Doctor Who (BBC One series) – Season 10

Join hosts David (davidhhh), Jock (Munrojock2), Marie (Nymeria), Alix (Aiwendil) as they discuss season 10 of modern Doctor Who and the surrounding Christmas specials, the end of the Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat eras of the show, plus their hopes for the show’s future. Julia (No True Lady) and Matt (Varley) make cameo appearances in the aftershow.

This episode contains spoilers for all aired episodes of Doctor Who.

Show times:
Part 1 – Intros and general thoughts on the season
Part 2 – 14:23 – The characters
Part 3 – 46:58 – The episodes
Part 4 – 2:04:22 – The future: new Doctor, new showrunner, new controversy
After Show – 2:18:33

Edited by David.
Music: The Timelords (aka The KLF) – Doctorin’ The TARDIS

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