VoK 431: Stranger Things (Netflix series) – Season 2 Speculation

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Welcome to the First Impressions Podcast about the first half of Stranger Things season 2.  Your hosts are Sarah/Ladyweaver, Adam/DrownedSnow, Adam/root, Hannah/Shadowbaby, Jock/MunroJock and Patrick/SerPatrickTheTall.

We will, as stated before, cover the first 4 episodes and talk about the Russians, pealing out of cars and being “fake” drunk.

This podcast will spoil all of season 1 and up until episode 5 Season 2 of Stranger Things.

Patrick- editing
Music credits:

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One response to “VoK 431: Stranger Things (Netflix series) – Season 2 Speculation

  1. I enjoy listening to your discussion.

    A nitpick about the “Power Company”.

    There is no power company. The lab appears to be run by the US Department of Energy. They are a Federal agency that governs all energy production in the US including nuclear energy and energy research. I assume the Lab is part of the research wing of the the department of Energy which has its roots in the Energy Research and Development Administration, previously the Atomic Energy Commission and the Manhattan project. Power companies are a separate thing, though the power companies are regulated by the department of energy.

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