VoK 430: Lannister Trials aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 55)


In this episode we cover the start of Tyrion’s trial and the return of Jaime to King’s Landing, in Tyrion 9 and Jaime 7 from A Storm of Swords.  Your hosts are Bina007, Adam/DrownedSnow, Casey/Blue-Eyed-Queen, Glen/DagosRivers, Michal/Inkasrain, Nadia and Patrick/SerPatrickTheTall.

These events cover the period from the 7th January 300 AL to the 13th January. In particular, the hosts have been discussing the Redditor who invented the Linear Timeline’s decision to put the Tyrion 9 chapter before the Jaime chapter. The reason is that the Tyrion chapter starts a day before Jaime’s return to King’s Landing, even though the events go passed that by some way.

Another thing we’d like to say before we start is that the events in Jaime 7 are both controversial and sensitive within the fandom.  Listeners who may be triggered by a hopefully sensitive but nonetheless frank discussion of rape in fiction are advised to exercise self-care and judgment before listening.

Music credit – Alpine Universe & The Clash.
Picture credit – HBO’s Game Of Thrones.

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