VoK 320: WolfCast – Westerosi Trivia




Beware of Spoilers, The following podcast discusses spoilers for all published (and unpublished) books in A Song of Ice and Fire, and all aired episodes of Game of Thrones

Before all show watchers agonise over what will befall our favourite characters in Season 7, WolfCast and KrakenCast join forces and look back to Season 6 and test out their Game of Thrones trivia in “A Game Show of Thrones”: The cruelest Game Show in Media!

Glen (Dagos_Rivers) hosts and quizzes the four contestants (Duncan (Valkyrist), Jed (Jed o’white Hart), Claire (DarkSister24) and Hannah (Shadow_ baby)) over characters, obscure random facts, and comparing characters to Disney characters. Glen is also evil to the non-brits by asking a lot of questions about popular british shows; evil to non-Americans by asking questions about the HBO schedule and deducts as high as 500 points (Dragons) per player for a wrong answer.

Also featured:
-(Very brief) Season 6 reviews and highlights.
-Hannah gets very tipsy (or maybe that was left on the cutting room floor…)
-Strategies of devising multiple choice questions.
-Round 1: Lightning round
-Round 2: Individual Multiple Choice
-Round 3: Show Canon Jeopardy (The Generous but not too generous Round)
-Round 4: The Evil Round (Where the players lose everything!)

Running Time: 01:03:06
Edited by Dagos_Rivers

Image from Saturday Night Live clip: “Game of Game of Thrones”

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