VoK 319: Labyrinth [1986] (DVD Commentary)


Jump Magic!   The vassals rewatch the 1986 iconic fantasy movie Labyrinth and share their love for codpieces, helmets and big furry love-able monsters called Ludo.

Hosts: Bina007, Drew (Wargasm), Patrick (Ser Patrick The Tall) and Zander (The Lord Baron).

Aftershow at 1hr 47m: Pops88 apologises to FTward for #mootcrashing the BSGcast.

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This podcast was instigated after the sad death of David Bowie earlier this year.

Everybody wants to be the Stones. Everyone wants to be cool like Keith Richards. But Bowie spoke for the misfits, outcasts, underdogs, nerds and bored-as-fuck suburban kids. He spoke for the sexually confused, the hopeless dreamers, the beautifully unique. Bowie told us it was ok to be different and no you weren’t alone and no you didn’t have to conform and that you too could be a hero.

Beautiful soul, rest in peace.


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