VoK 245: Westerosi Spanx aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 7)


Join the Vassals as they continue their epic linear re-read of Game of Thrones, focussing in this episode on the chapters covering the Tourney of the Hand.

Timeline: Sansa 2 (2m); Ned 7 (31m); Arya 3 (57m); Ned 8 (1hr 10m); Ned 9 (1hr 30m); Which Disney Princess Would Each Host Be? (1hr 56m); Varley opens his VOK Secret Santa present (2hr 02m); Aftershow (2hr 05m).

Hosts: Adam (DrownedSnow), Amber (Amberrocks), Bina007, Katie (Lady Griffin), Nadia, Patrick (Ser Patrick The Tall),  Scott (Shaggydog), and Zack (Alias).

For the listener playing along at home, the next instalment will cover the end of September 298 and the first half of October 298, including the Tower of Joy: Cat 6, Ned 10, Ned 11 and Sansa 3.

This episode discusses the books in spoiler-y detail but doesn’t give spoilers from the show.

Picture credit: The APOIAF Artbook of Game of Thrones, as drawn by Jenn Rose.  All new opening music credit for the linear re-read by Alpine Universe. Let us know what you think! End music from the Disney film Beauty and the Beast.

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