VoK 228: Twin Peaks ReWatch (Part 4)

How long were we out? The Bookhouse Boys & Girls return from their bullet-induced hiatus to review the first two episodes of Twin Peaks Season 2: “May The Giant Be With You” and “Coma.” Friendly Giant Katie (Lady Griffin) takes over vaguely helpful spectral hosting duties from Bina (Bina007) as fledgling agents Greg (claudiusthefool), Shane (easttexasdirewolf), and Steven (SJLee) search for their missing rings and try to remember….something.

As with previous installments, there are no Twin Peaks spoilers past the episodes discussed.

Edited by Katie

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3 responses to “VoK 228: Twin Peaks ReWatch (Part 4)

  1. I like these episodes. These are good episodes. The release of the latest one made me go relisten to the earlier ones, and not for the first time.

  2. Great job guys, Twin Peaks is the best, and these VOK episodes are my fav 🙂

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