VoK 227: Empire (Fox series) – Season 1


Beware of Spoilers, The following podcast discusses Season 1 of Empire in detail, the season finale cliffhanger and resolutions to many of the storylines.

Dagos_Rivers (Glen) is joined by Bina007 (Bina) to discuss the music, storylines, characters and the most shocking moments of the self proclaimed ‘Hip Hopera’, ‘Empire’ which has proved to be huge ratings success in America.

The hosts also discuss the following topics:
-Bina and Glen discuss their favourite trashy / scripted reality shows.
-Other more ‘respected’ shows like ‘The Affair’, ‘Penny Dreadful’ and ‘Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell’.
-Future VOK podcasts being planned.
-Influneces for Empire such as Dynasty, Dallas and King Lear.

Running Time: 01:23
Credits: Edited by Dagos_Rivers

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