VoK 193: Video Game Roundtable (Vol.1)

gaming round table

The Crew talk about their favorite games, gaming console and games they are looking forward to playing in 2015.

1min 50sec – Dark Souls 2 Discussion
24mins 30sec – Hello Kitty Online
25mins 30sec – Honeypop
28mins – Valkyria Chronicles
43mins 50sec – Gaming Console discussion
51mins 20sec – Bayonetta
1hr 11mins – Darkest Dungeon
1hr 30mins – Metroid Prime
1hr 52mins – League of Legends
1hr 55mins – Star Wars Games
1hr 58mins – Antispated releases of 2015
2hr 15mins – Game of Throne Games and Mods (caution minor spoiler)

Edited by Vikram (fortytwo)
Hosts: White Raven, Valkyrist, Alias, Khal Wadege, Shoeshiner, Patrick the tall, Ciao Gamer and Fortytwo
Music: Gablé , BoxCat , Bass Assassin , Bassinfected , Christian Bjoerklund , Flex Vector, Ghost

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