VoK 179: The Sopranos ReWatch (Part 2) – The Strong, Silent Type


The Vassals continue their increasingly bloody rewatch of arguably the greatest television show ever made – HBO’s The Sopranos. Join Duncan (Valkyrist), Michael (Mordion) and newcomer Kristen (Lady K) as they delve into the mob carnage, familial tensions and cigar-clouded therapy sessions of seasons 3 to 5.

This is the second podcast in a three-part retrospective of the series.

05:03 – Season 3 Discussion
1:17:27 – Season 4 Discussion
2:05:52 – Season 5 Discussion

Warning: Contains #SPOILERS# for all aired episodes of HBO’s The Sopranos

Edited by Valkyrist
Audio clips owned by HBO

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3 responses to “VoK 179: The Sopranos ReWatch (Part 2) – The Strong, Silent Type

  1. Really enjoyed this episode! Mordion’s season summary is one of the funniest things ever. I have no clue what the old man is doing wandering in the background, though. I think it’s like Bob in Twin Peaks: a fortuitous accident. And finally, Jackie Aprille is definitely stupider than AJ. However, I have a fondness for Janice in the same way as I do for Cersei. They seem to be women thwarted by being women and highly self delusional, who probably have no self awareness that what they’re doing is evil, and yet seem very real to me….

    • Yeah, Janice is a fascinating character. The actress does an amazing job at realizing an entire personality, warts and all. I think she does sort of mature after marrying Bobby, but even in season 6, she still proves pretty vindictive. Her final line in the series seems to come straight out of Livia’s mouth.

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