VoK 178: The Fly [1986] (Review)

The Fly

Weeks after the Horror Movie Roundtable (VOK 158), Dagos_Rivers (Glen) and Beric175 (Matthieu) recorded an expanded edition of the 1986 cult classic, ‘The Fly’ starring Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis and John Getz.

References are briefly made towards The Fly II, The Fly (1958) and other disgusting 80’s movies like Cocoon and Videodrome. However, the primary focus is Jeff Goldblum / Geena Davis vehicle.

Both Vassals discuss how much Jeff Goldblum looks like Michael Jackson, Stalking 101, and are (truly) classic movies ‘unremakable’? Glen contradicts himself about the difference between remakes and ‘readaptations’ as
he realises both Carrie movies were based on the Stephen King book.

The most infamous scenes of the picture are discussed, the professionalism of the midwife (cameo by Mr. Cronenberg), movies that are in development hell and the plot is discussed at length.

Running Time: 02:49:57

Edited by Dagos_Rivers


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  1. Love your podcaast but i have a problem. When i subscribe to your podcast I only get the last 50 episodes. is 50 the limit to how far back I can go?

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