VoK 131: CricketCast (Vol.1) aka “The Bowler’s Holding the Batsmen’s Manwoody!”


In the first ever CricketCast, the Vassals discuss everything from Test Matches to T20 – spot-fixing to Bodyline – and recreate the Tourney of the Hand from Game of Thrones as commentated on by the Test Match Special team. And special bonus geek-cred to the first commenter who guesses the origin of this episode’s sub-title!

Podcasters: BrumRiverlander (Kelvin); Bina007; VKalra23 (Vidur); MadScientist22 (Surya); Jed O’White Hart (Jed); the Podcast Umpire aka Teddard (Eddie); and our guest ‘Murcan Mordion (Michael).

Editor: VKalra23.

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