VoK 130: Full Cast(le) Recording #6 – High Noon at the Tower of Joy


In the latest Full Cast(le) Recording, the Vassals get inside Ned Stark’s head and flashback to the Tower of Joy during Robert’s Rebellion. We meet some badass Kingsguard and discover the roots of R+L=J, as well as enjoying several cups of Arbor Gold with Robert and Cersei, while Ned recovers from Jaime’s attack.

The FCR proper ends at 14:35 and is followed by an Aftershow in which we tackle all things Kingsguard, ponder some interesting “what-if” scenarios, and generally agree that Criston Cole was the worst.

The Cast:
Greg (claudiusthefool) – Narrator
Duncan (Valkyrist) – Eddard Stark
Leigh (LordManderBlee) – Gerold Hightower / Robert Baratheon
Shane (easttexasdirewolf) – Oswell Whent / Vayon Poole
Jed (jed o’white hart) – Arthur Dayne
Tanja (Scilens) – Lyanna Stark
Zach (Alias) – Alyn
Amber (amberrocks) – Cercei Lannister

The Crew:
Greg (claudiusthefool) – Host / Editor
Jed (jed o’white hart) – Interstitial Music
Silent Partner – Backing Music
Amoko – Image Art

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One response to “VoK 130: Full Cast(le) Recording #6 – High Noon at the Tower of Joy

  1. A Song of Ice and Fire Fan

    Great reading!

    About the Kingsguard: If I remember correctly it was Tywin who reinstated Boros Blount, not Cersei.

    A Song of Ice and Fire Fan

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