VoK 122: The Pillars of the Earth (by Ken Follett)


Journey back to the 12th Century as the Vassals discuss the 1989 Ken Follett novel, ‘The Pillars of the Earth’.

VOK’s answer to Siskel and Ebert (when it comes to Ken Follett books) returns as Glen (Dagos_Rivers) and Michael (Mordion) are joined Steven (SJLee) and tackle some thought provoking discussions such as
‘The best way to ruin a wedding’, ‘How to make a dramatic exit’, and ‘Did the White Ship JUST sink?’.

The Vassals also discuss (whilst fearing persecution by listeners to the podcast) the history of witch craft,  currency in the 12th Century, and are saved by SJLee intervening in the ‘name change’ by Ken Follett of one of the historical Monarchs.

The character storylines and plot synopsys are briefly discussed before we realise how complicated the plot is, and
wish to avoid the podcast sounding like the monty python sketch ‘Summarise Proust Competition’.

Running Time: 02:14:34


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