KrakenMoot (Melbourne, 2014)


Last night, in a little café off Swanston St, in the Melbourne CBD, the second ever Vassals of Kingsgrave Australian meet-up was held. In attendance (pictured from left to right) was Duncan (aka Valkyrist), Tanja (aka Scilens, en route back to Germany), Marius, and Jessica (aka jesicka309).

Coffee and red wine was drunk, wild ASOIAF theories were exchanged, winter cake was eaten (pictured below, baked by Marius), and a fun time was had by all! 🙂



4 responses to “KrakenMoot (Melbourne, 2014)

  1. Is there a podcast to listen to for this?

  2. I’ll only give it 4 Stars then since I was looking forward to listening ;(

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