VoK 69: SoccerCast (Vol.1)


Bina007 is joined by Linecom1, Lordmanderblee, and Pod’s Plight from the APOIAF forums to discuss the World Cup, British Snobbery, the English Premier League, and the EPL to Westeros Converter.

Edited by Linecom1

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5 responses to “VoK 69: SoccerCast (Vol.1)

  1. So I usually just listen to the SoIaF themed episodes of VOK to tide me over until the next PoIaF comes out but decided to listen to the Sherlock Episode (#66) or at least I tried. It became unlistenable.
    It simply devolved into your standard Pretentious Fanboy Self absorbed “I know more than the Writers” drivel. Desperately trying to find something to pick apart the show.
    For the record I liked all three seasons of Sherlock and point of fact, the dozens of people I know who watch the show also liked all three seasons.

    The depiction of Sherlock (unlike previous Movies and TV shows) is the most book accurate and in fact the closest that has come to this in the past would be the Homage of Hugh Laurie’s “House”.

    Point of fact, the only enjoyable parts of the VOK episode were those that went off topic.

    The moderating was biased and uneven with multiple periods that should have been edited out. Easily the worst episode of VOK to date!

    • Ugh, I know. And all that talk about Manchester United. What did that have to do with Sherlock Holmes?

      Seriously though, thanks for the feedback Ray. Sorry you didn’t like the episode. Unfortunately, the hosts just didn’t enjoy season 3 of the show, and that seems to be a pretty widely held opinion among the viewership (in contrast with the excellent Season 1).

      But hey, that’s what podcasts are for – debate. If you’d like to come on for a followup episode, to defend the season, I say go for it 🙂

  2. The flow was definitely different. That’s actually what I liked about it and I enjoyed that they first fed the theories and then REALLY didn’t confirm how exactly he survived. I will admit I don’t follow a lot of the online fandom but of the dozen or so people I know who like the show they all liked it quite a bit. I always have an issue with generalized declarative statements which pretty much can’t be supported regardless of the arguments. 🙂

  3. So as much as I’m a fan of Soccer (Have SOUNDERS ST and run Membership for a supporter’s group) I almost skipped this one…SO glad I didn’t! It was really enjoyable. Even the Man U Apologist! 😉 For the record, I’m a Liverpool Fan for EPL as I grew up in the Boston Area so the connection to the Sox made a natural fit. (Love the Stark analogy BTW but why wouldn’t I?
    One point on MLS though, there is actually a very strong away/supporters presence for fans. Including Philly so I was surprised he was unaware. NY and DC always send large allotments of fans to those games. The largest derby is ours in the Northwest between Seattle, Portland and Vancouver. We have an average of 2-3,000 away fans at those games here (and 66,000 total attendance) we send about 800 to Portland (would be more but it is a small stadium) and double that to Vancouver.

    • glad you enjoyed listening. liverpool can kiss my ass, but there’s no argument that you all are playing great football this year. but wake me up when you win 20 or a treble then we can talk. till then its GGMU. thanks for the feedback

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