VoK 62: LOTR ReRead (Part 4) – The Journey into Mordor


Join our Fellowship of Vassals as they Journey Into Mordor, and discover that the much-dreaded Book Four of Lord of the Rings has more to it than just ‘more walking’.  Not least, many spoilers for all of Tolkien’s oeuvre.


  1. 02:45 Shellfish aka Peter describes The Taming of Smeagol, and his deep and abiding fascination for Elvish rope.
  2. 12:45 JoThirteen aka Joanna taks us through The Dead Marshes, and asks what exactly the magicks are that are preserving the bodies.
  3. 19:20 EastTexasDirewolf aka Shane leads us to The Black Gate, in which  we debate whether the black gate is, in fact, just a big gate.
  4. 28:40 Middlecylones aka Amanda speaks Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit in which we discuss  the coolness of armoured elephants.
  5. 45:30 Bina007 gasps in awe at Faramir in The Window On the West, and gets excited about how the Dalai Lama could use the Ring to take over India.
  6. 57:50 Teddard aka Eddie watches over The Forbidden Pool and asks if Frodo was a victim of creaking doors.
  7. 1:01:30 WhiteRaven aka Brett takes a Journey To The Crossroads, in which there are some cool staves and a Venn diagram of doucheyness.
  8. 1:04:45 Nadia leads us into Cirith Ungol and Shelob’s Lair where we discuss Orc technology, Beren and Luthien and whether Frodo is Lord of the Rings.
  9. 1:19:00 Shellfish aka Peter describes the Choices of Master Samwise, as Frodo continues his habit of being stabbed by new and exotic things, this time off-screen, and Shelob Occupies Wall Street
  10. 1:30:00 Outro.


Editing credits: Bina007 using music from the original soundtrack to The Two Towers composed by Howard Shore.

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