VoK 61: The Winds of Winter – Preview Chapters (by George R. R. Martin)

Cold winds rise as the Vassals dive into the first 8 preview chapters of George R. R. Martin’s The Winds of Winter. Jon Vikram (fortytwo), Bina, Duncan (Valkyrist), Nadia and Zach (Alias) as they discuss the Battle of Winterfell, the Siege of Meereen, and Aegon’s Second Landing.

Before going through the chapters, however, the hosts have a general debate over what constitutes a spoiler in contemporary culture. After that, its wild, unmitigated book 6 speculation (and the occasional bit of intelligent analysis).

Due to the episode’s length, each segment has been time-stamped with a short musical cue:

3:23 – “Spoilers” in Pop Culture
32:15 – Theon I
1:00:23 – Tyrion I & II
1:12:25 – Victarion I
1:37:52 – Barristan I & II
2:13:58 – Arianne I & II
3:00:55 – ????

Warning: This episode contains spoilers for the sixth (unpublished) book in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire.

Edited by Valkyrist
Various tracks owned by The Walt Disney Company, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony Music Entertainment.

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Theon I (full reading) [released Dec 2011]
Victarion I (partial reading) [recorded Mar 2012]
Arianne I (full reading) [released Jan 2013]
Barristan I (full reading) [published Oct 2013]
Summaries for Unreleased Chapters


6 responses to “VoK 61: The Winds of Winter – Preview Chapters (by George R. R. Martin)

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  2. The “king” in RS’s letter could be Mance not Stannis

  3. Pingback: VoK 79: Mercy (The Winds of Winter – Sample Chapter) | Valkyrist

  4. thank you guys for censoring vikram’s harry potter spoiler, I am a young child just starting the harry potter books, but lucklily I am already through all the winds of winter spoiler chapters

  5. The letter is from Mance I mean c’mon guys it’s not fucking Ramsay……Mance is the ONLY character refers to Jon organically as Bastard as he saw him as a child at Winterfell when he was donning the Black…the whole point of the letter is to get Jon to lead his forces on Winterfell not for Ramsay on the eve of largest battle of his life to taunt Jon……Its all Mance.

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