VoK 52: LOTR ReRead (Part 2) – The Fellowship of the Ring


Join our doughty Fellowship of Podcasters as they level up and discuss Tolkien’s high fantasy novel at almost as slow a pace as Frodo’s quest to destroy the Ring.

In this second episode, Teddard, Nadia, Shellfish and Bina007 discuss the events of Book Two of The Fellowship of The Ring: The Journey of the Nine Companions / The Ring Goes South.

Beware of Spoilers: This podcast discusses Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and the Silmarillion in detail.

02:00 Nadia leads a discussion on Books 1-2, Many Meetings and The Council of Elrond, in which we debate whether:

  • The Elf Bard is the “asshole of the year”
  • Sauron shows his hand in sending an emissary to the dwarves
  • Gandalf sends Balin into Moria for no reason at all

47:45  Shellfish leads a discussion on Books 3-6:  The Ring Goes South, A Journey In the Dark, and The Bridge of Khazad-Dum, in which we discuss

  • Which fantasy sword has the coolest name
  • Whether Legolas is a jerk (Shellfish has a beef with Elves)
  • Frodo’s hobby of “getting stabbed by new and exotic things”
  • Whether the Balrog has wings

1:13:55 Teddard leads a discussion on Books 7-8: Lothlorien and the Mirror of Galadriel:

  • “there seems to be this bird called Galadriel, and she seems to be quite important”
  • Is Sauron drawing Frodo toward the Mirror of Galadriel?
  • Is Nadia the Samwise Gamgee of Vassals of Kingsgrave?

1:23:00 Bina007 leads a discussion on Books 9-10:  The Great River & The Breaking of the Fellowship in which we discuss:

  • Tolkien clearly not caring as much about food as George R R Martin
  • Yet more Legolas hate from Shellfish
  • And accusations that Elrond is basically incompetent in how he sets up the Fellowship!
  • The nature of Boromir’s corruption.

1:40:00 Closing thoughts on Book Two and a special song for Shellfish.

Edited by Bina007 using music from the  Brobdingnangian Bards’ album Memories of Middle Earth.

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Tom Shippey’s book Tolkien: The Author Of The Century


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