Happy New Year VOK! (Podcast Announcements)

VoK_cover_art_300HAPPY 2014 VASSALS! It was almost 7 months ago that the first VoK was released, and since then we’ve organised and recorded 51 episodes, comprising over 70 hours of original content. Mother have mercy, just imagine what we’ll have achieved in 7 more months. As always, a big thanks to Amin and the Podcast of Ice and Fire crew for their lovely support, and of course to you guys (listeners and hosts), who make it all worthwhile.

In case you wanted to get VoK a (late) Christmas present, then we would be super appreciative if you could leave us a positive review and rating on iTunes, and (if you haven’t already) follow us on Twitter and YouTube. It should only take 30 seconds (a minute at the most), but we would be eternally grateful! Seriously, it would really help us out in terms of iTunes visibility. Anyway, that’s enough grovelling 😉

Here is a list of all of the “Call to Arms” threads currently active on the forums. Feel free to get involved in any of them… or, if you’re feeling brave enough, even start your own!

Movies & TV:
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (review)
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (review)
Amadeus (fan commentary)
Sherlock (BBC series)

Books & Novellas:
The Lord of the Rings (full reread)
ASOIAF Crackpot Theories
Real Word vs. ASOIAF History
A Flight of Sorrows (Collector’s Edition)
The Gentlemen Bastards series (by Scott Lynch)
Discworld series (by Terry Pratchett)

Video Games:
Fallout series
Dragon Age series

The full VoK Topic List is located HERE, and is updated frequently.

Finally, while it may be 2014, as Quaithe says, “to go forward you must go back”. Accordingly, all of the character discussions from our epic FeastDance reread have been neatly edited and indexed into a convenient YouTube playlist. For example:

So you can check out the full playlist HERE, and peruse individual character chapters at your leisure. We’re also hoping it will drive a bit more traffic to the podcast.

Anyway, that should put you all up to date. Happy New Year and long live House Manwoody! 🙂


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