(Poll) Ideal Podcast Duration

Hey Gang,

I’m curious on what you all think is an ideal podcast duration. If you can answer this quick poll it would be valuable.



Fortytwo aka Vikram

6 responses to “(Poll) Ideal Podcast Duration

  1. I voted under 2 hours. However, if the content justifies 3 or more hours, I am absolutely for that. It can be a little rough listening to a podcast in more than 1 sitting, but I’m all for more content. Keep in mind that breaking a podcast down into 2 parts is perfectly viable also.

  2. hmm by breaking a podcast in 2 parts u mean , just editing a single session it into 2 -3 separate files or u mean actually doing it in multiple recording sessions ?

    Organizing recording sessions can be tricky as we r trying find a convenient time among multiple people from multiple timezone. So I prefer getting it done in 1 session.

    I can see why pausing a podcast might feel awkward, as it breaks the conversation flow. Would it help if we inserted music cues to indicate topic changes as they are good pausing points ?

    – fortytwo

  3. I meant simply edit the shows into 2-parters when they run close to the 3 hour mark. It’ll make for smaller file-sizes, and no one will have to fast-forward through a super-long podcast to find where they might have left off. Plus it’ll put some extra episodes to release in the future in your back-pocket. Just my 2 cents.

    • Marshal, if you download the podcast via iTunes, it will remember where you pause it, and pick up from there. But I do like the idea of having a bit of music to signify a segment break, and a good time for listeners to have a breather.

  4. Ugh… iTunes… I only use that when absolutely necessary, namely when I rate podcasts. It’s always one issue or another, and I’ll leave it at that. Just the thought makes me want to Hulk Smash.

  5. ahh we get it now, your using the regular music player to play the podcast. Ur right, they don’t keep track of pauses. There r non-itunes podcast apps you might wanna check out.

    But anyways, I’m sure people who listen to us on their web browsers might have the pausing problem too.

    I’ll split any long podcasts in the future into multiple files to accommodate u guys.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

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