VoK 46: The Princess and the Queen (by George R. R. Martin)

dangerous women

Vikram (fortytwo) is joined by Bina (Bina007), Nadia, Michal (inkasrain), Thomas (FTWard),  Leigh (LordManderBlee), and Duncan (Valkyrist) to review and discuss George R. R. Martin’s latest novella “The Princess and the Queen”.

Beware of Spoilers: This podcast discusses the novella in detail.

Edited by Fortytwo

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King Stephen and Matilda of Boulogne


4 responses to “VoK 46: The Princess and the Queen (by George R. R. Martin)

  1. Jesus Christ… I’m a little intimidated to listen to this behemoth… I’ll set it aside for when I’ve actually read the novella.

  2. So I finally read this story and I’m already suffering from Targaryen withdrawal. I need more, goddamn you Martin! This was a great podcast, I really needed it to decompress after that doozy of a short story. I liked how you had a host for each of the 7 gods, very classy. My only nitpick is that some of you guys seemed a little ho-hum about the story, but maybe it’s just hard to get excited about dragons at 5 in the morning? I was kinda surprised you guys didn’t shine more of a light on the parallels to current-day Westeros. For example, Queen Alicent was SUCH a Cersei, to the point where I couldn’t stop picturing Leana Heady dropping those vindictive lines. Also I can’t shake the feeling that Rhynera is a dark mirror of what Dany may become if she suffers more betrayals, and it makes me very uneasy.

    • Thanks for listening Marshal. You thought we weren’t excited enough? We podcasted for three and a half hours. Imagine what would have happened if we had been more excited.
      Now that i think about it, you’re right about the Dany and Cersei similarities. We’ve seen Dany overtook every decision since she got the betrayal prophecy and i think that could turn to paranoia with another betrayal. I think we were so busy looking at the similarities of this story to actual medieval history that we didn’t spend much time discussing how it relates to current Westerosi dynamics.
      You should consider joining the apoiaf forums. That’s where we carry out our discussions.

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