OzMoot 2013

OzMootThe original “OzMoot Four”: Marius, Bina, Duncan and Jessica!

Well, lords and ladies, the first ever OzMoot was held last night, in a comfy little cocktail bar off Spring Street, in the Melbourne CBD. Four vassals were in attendance: two Aussies (Valkyrist and jesicka309), one Romanian (marius), and one Brit (Bina007). We drank blood-red wine, feasted on sausage rolls and lemoncake, shared stories and theories beneath the imaginary flag of House Manwoody… and then dispersed back into the night. It was a really amazing time, and very cool to finally meet some other forum members in person.

It’s a shame we couldn’t record something for the podcast, because we had a pretty long and in-depth discussion of the books. Unfortunately, the bar was too loud, and my iPhone simply wouldn’t have been able to capture anything. However, I’ve wracked my brains, and recapped as much of our ASOIAF discussion as I can recall in the link below.

The full thread can be found here, complete with a list of a crazy theories we settled on, and the rest of the photos.


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