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VoK 444: Best Media of 2017 Awards


In this episode, various Vassals describe the music, books, TV shows and movies that they enjoyed last year. Listen in for recommendations of things to try that may be outside of your usual comfort zone!

Music (45s): Alix/Aiwendil opens up the show with her recommendation, “In the Passing Light of Day,” by Pain of Salvation.

TV shows (5m): Glen/Dagos_Rivers and Hannah/Shadowbaby recommend dystopian TV show Black Mirror; Adam/DrownedSnow recommends the Netflix Western Godless; Glen also recommends the British gameshow Armchair Detectives. Marie/Nymeria is joined by Alix and Glen to discuss the star-studded thriller Big Little Lies; Natalie/BranTheBeastling and Sarah/Lady Weaver recommend sci-fi drama Black; DavidHHH reviews the Syfy dystopian drama 12 Monkeys; Natalie and Sarah return to review the Korean drama Stranger; and DavidHHH returns to share his love for the DC Arroverse crossover.

Film (36m): Bina007 discusses the the AI documentary Alphago.

Books (40m): Paul/SerDinnerRoll reviews Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve; Bina007 returns to review Blitzed by Norman Ohler and Alix takes us home with a discussion of SPQR by Mary Beard.

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