VoK 723 – Wolfcast – House of the Dragon s1e8 review – Essence of Wolfcast

Join Bina(007), Marie (Nymeria) and (Ser) Patrick (The Tall) for a small but perfectly formed all-curator edition of Wolfcast. We open with our lemon cake ratings (2m) before getting into whether Corlys is dead and the premise for getting the gang back together (6m); the ghoulishness of Viserys, House Hightower’s assent and the handmaid’s tale (9m); the succession ruling in the Red Keep and Vaemond’s reaction (13m); the copacetic dinner (18m); the prophecy and what makes for a meaningful change from the books (25m); odds and ends (37m); and after show (41m).

Spoilers for all published works by George R R Martin including Fire and Blood but not for Game of Thrones beyond the books.

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