VOK 664 – Soccercast – Euros R16 and QF Review and SF Preview

Noah, Patrick and Grand-Maester Bing review the Round of 16 and Quarter Final matches and preview the Semi Finals with the aid of Noah’s quote unquote amazing wall chart.

The Round of 16 review plays out as follows: Boyos vs Denmark up at the start; Italy vs Austria at 6 mins in; the shock upset of Netherlands vs Czech Rep at 9m; Belgium vs FC Ronaldo at 14m; Croatia vs Spain with Most Weird Shit in a football match at 17m; RIP France vs Switzerland at 23m; and FOOTBALL COMING HOME at 28m; Sweden vs Ukraine at 40m.

The Quarter Final coverage starts at 44m with the entrance of Ser Patrick The Tall and moves into Spain vs Switzerland; Belgium vs Italy at 49m and the potentially fateful injury of Spinnazola; Czech Republic vs Denmark at 59m in that footballing mecca of Baku; and finally England roflstomping Ukraine 4-0 at 1hr 3 mins in.

The semi-final preview begins at 1hr 10mins in on England vs Denmark and Spain vs Italy at 1hr 20mins in.

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