8 years!

Today marks 8 years since the very first VoK episode was published: a review of one of the Tuf Voyaging short stories (an earlier work by George R.R. Martin).

The podcast began as an idea suggested by Amin (host of A Podcast of Ice and Fire) in 2013 for listeners of APOIAF to create listener podcasts. A driving force for the podcast was Vikram (original curator ‘FortyTwo’) who setup the structure we still use today when publishing episodes.

Very quickly, additional curators and podcast contributors became involved and a staggering 106 podcasts were published by the first year anniversary.

Contributors / Hosts of the podcast have come and gone (and we really hope they return one day) and the pace of the podcasts have slowed down a bit since ‘Game of Thrones’ ended. However through our passion for literature, film, history, music and a song of ice and fire, we continue to produce over 50 episodes a year.

Thank you to everyone that has listened, continues to listen and especially for those that decided to join the discussion.

Some final stats: 657 episodes, over 100 hosts, 14 curators, 9152 YouTube Subscribers, Total YouTube video views: 2,237,671.

If you wish to listen to where it all began, below is a link to our first episode:



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